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Vladimir Kolosov is the founder and General Manager of the company. His top level of expertise in sales, marketing and management along with extensive experience and solid background provides company’s customers with invaluable help. He has a reputation as the highly skilled individual and person of depth and integrity. Vladimir has strong mathematical background with specialization of system analysis, control and methods of optimization (Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics and Moscow State University). In 1985 – 1992 he was involved in international scientific researches and developments related to mathematical modelling of ecological, biomedical and economic processes. He is author of number of scientific articles about mathematical modeling and control. 

In 1992 he started develop his career in business. During 1992 – 1995 he was successfully performing on top managerial positions in Milesta – one of the leading manufacturing companies developing food markets in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Since 1995 he was at a position of the Executive Director of the Russian and CIS subsidiary of “Carpigiani Group” – Ali Spa – the leading ice cream and frozen desserts equipment manufacturer, and representative of the ALI Group, the largest global manufacturer of the food service equipment (over 80 manufacturing subsidiaries worldwide). In 1996 Vladimir graduated from Business School of Open University, UK.  

Vladimir quit Carpigiani and ALI in 2005 and started to develop his career as independent sales, marketing and management consultant. After moving to Canada in 2006 Vladimir continued his extensive consulting activity, in the beginning of 2007 he rejoin Carpigiani at the position of Canada Sales Manager, however at the end of that year he finally quit Italian company. In 2008 his practice was added by acquisition of accounting business and was transformed into Westridge Management Corporation. Vladimir has broad expertise in various areas of business. Vladimir keeps close relationships with Carpigiani and ALI Group as well as with many businesses around the globe he worked with since mid of 90's.  

He was a member of the editorial board of “Production and Sales of Ice Cream and Quick-Frozen Foods” International Magazine. He got awards of “World of Ice Cream and Refrigeration” Annual International Trade Show and Conference 8 years in a row. Vladimir regularly publish articles on sales, marketing, and management problems specifically in retail business and foodservice industry. He is the author of business books related to Frozen Dessert Industry and specificity of business development in Canada. 

Vladimir also is successful artist (he paints and draw since age of 12), member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, art critic (member of AICA/IAAC (UNESCO)) composes and play music, travels, and hikes. 


Olga is the head of Accounting Department. She has strong mathematical background with University degree in Applied Mathematics. Starting 1993 Olga's career turned to accounting. She began as an accountant's assistant. Later she successfully performed at the positions of accountant and chief accountant In Carpigiani Group - Russia. During all those years Olga continued to upgrade her knowledge in Accounting attending professional programs, courses, and seminars. In 2004 she graduated from ACCA* Accountancy program in Griffith College, Ireland with Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards. After moving to Canada in 2006 she completed CGA including level 4. She has a solid reputation of highly skilled professional with extensive experience and outstanding integrity. Her professional performance distinguish with in-deep knowledge, accuracy, attention to the details and highest level of responsibility, 
Olga is the member of Toastmasters International and likes reading, hiking, traveling.