Social Responsibility
  • To conduct business with integrity and objectivity.

  • To conduct business with trustworthiness. 
  • To create positive reputation of the company on the market. 
  • To be committed to the client's interests in carrying out the professional duties.

Professionalism and excellence
  • To provide services only in the area of expertise. 
  • To strive and do the best providing services to the company’s clients. 
  • To continuously improve personal level of expertise in designated areas of professional activity. 
  • To work in accordance with professional and legal standards applicable in accounting, marketing, sales, and management consulting industries.

  • To protect confidentiality of any information with respect to our company’s clients. 
  • Do not use the information received during assignments in ways that may cause a detriment to our company’s clients. 
  • Do not disclose any financial and other confidential information to any person or company not authorized by the client. 

Ethical norms
  • To act according to the highest ethical standards, with no discrimination, and with respect to corporate and individual interests and personality of our clients.

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