We provide you with consulting and "hand-on" assistance in the following areas:

Sales are the key element of the business performance. Sales must be effective, bring profit and deliver to your customers what they expect.  Today the customer is more knowledgeable and demanding, the competition is stronger, so a new vision on a sales process, new effective sales strategies and techniques are required.  
  • We do full analysis of your business sales performance following with sales projection and recommendations. 
  • We develop effective sales strategies and techniques focused on value delivered to your customers.
  • We will help you improve your negotiation techniques.
  • We will assist you in successful development of international markets.
  • We offer you customized group and individual sales training at our office or at your site.

Our specialization: retail, wholesale and B2B sales strategies and techniques.

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Competition and competitive strategies
We are experts in the following industries: frozen dessert industry, food service, food equipment manufacturing, retail and wholesale business.
Our clients say that our marketing solutions are highly effective tools that help to develop their business in an optimal way and open the new opportunities.

New markets development
An extensive international business network and in-depth knowledge of local specificity of the markets make our company a valuable resource for the businesses, seeking to expand their markets. Our client’s geography includes: Australia, Canada, Central Asia, China, East Europe, New Zealand, Russia, and the USA.  

Marketing research 
We provide our clients with customized marketing research and analysis.

Product / service development
Every product has its own life cycle. To be competitive, it is important to keep an eye on the market and know its trends, be flexible and have new upgrades or new products and services in time. We are committed to help you reach this goal and always be “a step ahead”. 

Internet marketing
No doubt that your business can benefit from the Internet. How to get these benefits and expand your market in the age of high speed communications and global information? We can assist you in developing successful and efficient Internet marketing strategies.

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Business Performance Modeling 
Think about your business future: 
  • How will my business run in a short and long-term prospective?
  • How does my business' performance change in different market situations?
  • Is my business stable and optimal enough to resist negative trends on the market?
  • What are my business' bottlenecks and how they will behave in a specific market situation?

We can help you to get the answers on these and many other questions using comprehensive methods of marketing research along with advanced business performance modeling, analysis and synthesis of optimal solutions. We are the only company which provides such services for the small businesses.
At your request, we would provide you with the full audit of your business performance and develop customized solutions for business processes optimization.

We provide you with innovative solutions for optimization of the business processes and your staff performance. We do full analysis of your business performance, determine and assist you with necessary improvements.

Customer Relations Management
Customers are the most important and very sensitive element in any business. To be successful on the market today means to be always highly focused on customer’s needs. To help you with solving that problem we provide comprehensive customer’s satisfaction audit and effective solutions for customer relations management.

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